Laughter & Terror – the theme

Laughter & Terror is the theme of our program this years.

You are free to interpret it in the way you like.
Your story can be based on either or both these emotions.

It can be a story based on ‘laughter’ or ‘terror’ or a combination of both.
Remember, ‘Terror’ is not associated with terrorism alone.

Develop your Concept!! Make sure that your concept is original, unique and world class.

Make us all look at this theme in a way we never have.

Note: Send us the complete story in not more than one page – with a beginning, middle and end.
Don’t send us just a treatment or simply a sketchy interpretation of the concept.


The duration of the film can be anywhere between 24 sec to 24 mins. But do bear in mind that the film has to be made in 24 hours flat.

A neat, crisp film would be more effective than a rambling story which you may not be able to shoot within the given time.

Think BIG but don’t be over-ambitious.

Participants please read the Frequently Asked Questions of FAQ’s